Irrigation Repair Services

Sprinkler Repair Services In Tulsa, OK

Efficient irrigation is essential to keeping your property investment safe. Your home requires water to prevent foundation damage; your landscape and lawn require watering to stay healthy. Offering sprinkler repair in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Owasso, Sand Springs, and Catoosa, Complete Lawn Care is fully insured and services all sprinkler brands.

You receive fast, friendly service that includes seasonal irrigation maintenance, sprinkler system repairs, and even emergency service. Broken heads, broken pipes, bad or dirty valves, wiring or controller problems, inadequate zone settings, and improper watering schedules can cause a dead or dying landscape and huge water bills.

A good running system will save you both time and money and help protect your investment in your landscape.A service call by Complete Lawn Care normally consist of charging a fee to check the operation of the system, then giving a written list of repairs, prices included, that are needed.

When you contact us for a service call we’ll ensure:

  • That all zones are being activated
  • That the zones are pressurizing properly
  • Whether their appears to be any leaks
  • That the nozzles are spraying fully and in the proper direction
  • That the rotary heads are turning and returning properly
  • Whether the head spacing and nozzle selection is giving reasonably even coverage

After checking the system, our technician will give you a written list of repairs needed, and changes that can be made to improve coverage. You can then authorize the technician to do any or all of the work..

Our objective is to help you keep your shrubs, flowers, trees, and lawn healthy and vigorous, by providing a means to water as needed, but only as much as needed. An efficiently operating sprinkler system will conserve water and save money.

Save time and money by having your system checked regularly! This can find small problems before they become big repairs.

Some things we look for when we do a service call checkup:

  • Checking the operation of all zones
  • Making minor adjustments of head rotation
  • Cleaning nozzles necessitated by normal operation of system
  • Adjustment of Controller settings, as requested by owner
  • In the Spring we look for problems following freeze-thaw cycles of winter

At the end of Season it’s important to help protect your backflow preventor from freezing by checking the heat cable, insulation, and enclosure over the backflow preventor.

Sprinkler Service Call Package – Save $50.00

Save money and sign up for our sprinkler control service plan which will provide 4 checkups throughout year. We can find small problems before they become major. Our 4 Visit Service Plan is $210.00 which is a savings of $50.00. Take the worry about wondering if your service is running properly.

Price Estimates

We try not to give estimates over the phone due to the fact we “can’t see what is buried”. Our normal rates are $85.00 for the first hour during which our technician can usually diagnose the problem in this time and give you a better idea of what we are dealing with. Then it is $65.00 for each additional hour, plus parts.

For one or two broken heads, the price is usually just the cost of a service call plus parts.

Our trained technician has been doing sprinkler service since 1997!

We will not repair the system without first giving you an estimate and get approval on what you want done.