Mosquito spraying service

Mosquito Control Services In Tulsa, OK

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also carry diseases that can make you, your family, and your pets sick. Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and protect your family with Complete Lawn Care professional mosquito control services. Our trained mosquito control technicians will identify areas in your yard that may attract mosquitoes and treat them with our innovative formula.


Mosquitoes can cause a variety of problems for homeowners and their loved ones. Just one bite can transmit a disease carried by the mosquito. These diseases include:

  • West Nile Virus – This is the most common virus caused by mosquitoes that causes flu-like symptoms and can be fatal in some cases.
  • Zika Virus – Although uncommon, cases of locally-transmitted Zika Virus have been reported in two states. This virus is especially dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn children.
  • Heartworms – Mosquitoes carry heartworm larvae and transmit them to cats and dogs, which can cause serious illness and even death.

Even if your city provides mosquito control and fogging services, this may not be enough to rid your yard of mosquitoes. The mosquito trucks are often only able to spray public areas and front yards, leaving your backyard unprotected. In addition, fogger trucks only apply a thin layer of formula to the entire area, whereas our technicians will focus on the problem areas of your yard and apply product by hand to ensure that your yard is mosquito-free.


When you hire Complete Lawn Care for mosquito control, our professional staff will conduct a thorough walkthrough of your yard to identify areas that they be especially attractive to mosquitoes. Next, we’ll discuss our findings with you and create a custom plan for your property. Then, our highly-skilled technicians will apply our innovative repellent formula to your yard, targeting areas that are prone to mosquitoes. Our mosquito control service works be creating a barrier that repels mosquitoes and prevents them from creating a home in your yard.


Absolutely! Your family’s health and safety is our top priority. Complete Lawn Care only uses the highest quality products that are thoroughly tested and approved for home use. Pets and children will need to stay out of the treated areas for up to 2 hours after application.


There are several things you can do to help control the number of mosquitoes in your yard in between services. These tips can help reduce your yards mosquito population and prevent the transmission of diseases.

  • Remove any standing water from buckets, toys, gutters, etc.
  • Keep grass mowed and trim any overgrowth on trees and bushes.
  • Fill holes and uneven areas to prevent puddles.

Complete Lawn Care has been giving families in the Tulsa areas peace of mind when it comes to enjoying their yards for years. Call us today to find out how we can help make your yard safer for your children and furry friends!