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Leaf Removal Services In Tulsa, OK

Complete Lawn Care can eliminate your need to spend countless hours trying to rake and bag all your leaves this season. Not to mention having to dispose of debris once you are done. We have the knowledge and equipment to handle any size job while leaving your property in top shape.


Whether you want a one time clean up or scheduled visits during leaf season we can provide service that will meet your needs. Our Tulsa leaf pickup services are very popular and will leave your yard looking great!

Starting in October as the grass growing slows and leaves begin to fall, we focus on leaf removal and property clean ups. For our regular customers we will start coming out every other week or as needed depending on your type of grass and growing conditions. During this time we provide complete leaf clean up and removal. We normally come out twice a month until all leaves have fallen which is usually somewhere in the middle to late December.


We blow leaves out from all areas of property including gardens, walkways, in corners of yard, driveways, etc to provide a neat professional appearance. We then have a leaf loader which will pick up leaves and mulch into our trailer before hauling them off to a landfill which recycles them for compost. During this time if needed, we also mow, edge, and trim yard.


Since each yard varies on amount of leaves and difficulty, we have found the best and most fair way to charge is per hour. The price per man hour is $60. So for a three man crew, the price is $180.00 per hour. There is also a dump fee depending on amount of leaves to be picked up. We haul all of our leaves to a dump site which recycles leaves for compost. This includes all equipment, tools, and leaf loader necessary to complete job. With our specialized commercial equipment and experienced staff we can complete job efficiently. On average, we can usually remove all leaves from a regular sized yard in one to two hours if on regular schedule.


If you would like to do some of the work yourself we offer leaf pick up service. Get all your leaves in a pile at or near the curb and we will come and using a leaf loader pick them up and haul them off eliminating the time and effort of you having to bag them and dispose of debris. Pricing for this ranges from $75.00 to $90.00 depending on amount of leaves you have.