Testimonials | Complete Lawn Care Tulsa suzm


Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have said about Complete Lawn Care:

“I began using Complete Lawn Care when it was just Tom and Nick and a few mowers. It has been great to watch Complete lawn Care grow into one of the most reliable lawn care companies in the Tulsa area without losing the personal attention and dependability we’ve grown accustomed to through the years.

I recommend them without regret to all my friends and neighbors.”

– Customer 7 Years

“We’ve taken care of our own yard since we moved here. Three summers ago when our lawn mower broke, we used Complete Lawn Care while it was getting repaired. Long story short, we never started mowing ourselves again! The quality and the reasonable price was too good to pass up.

Our lawn looks great and I don’t have to be out there every week!”

– Happy Customer 3 Years

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